actually I’m just completely fucked off & tired of it

by uzwi

This sums something up for me. I like Gormley’s work & I like people, but One And Other doesn’t seem to be either, just the usual insane undignified late Capitalist babel. Big Brother on a stilt. Why are “the people” always advertising something ? Are they aspiring to the condition of being a brand ? Is it a kind of exhibiting of stigmata ? & why, in the UK, are charity & exhibitionism so rigidly linked, or, rather, why is the former always pulled like an Ikea blind across the latter ? Is it a clinical condition ? Why am I increasingly reminded of the stunt culture, breathless social inanity & marathon dance contests of the 1920s & 30s ? Why do I have such a sense of foreboding about that ? Why is everyone in the UK trying to earn a living as a personal fitness advisor ? Will anyone just go & stand on the plinth for their hour & not do anything at all ? These are not, as far as I can see this morning, rhetorical questions.