shelf love, h to j

by uzwi

Another bulletin from the bookshelf. Many favourites here, from Dubliners to Down There On A Visit. Am I going to compare Tree of Smoke with Dispatches ? I am not.

Rawi Hage
Dashiell Hammett
Elizabeth Hand
Colin Harrison
Kent Haruf
Graham Harvey
Pete Hautman
Dick Hebdige
Michael Herr
Werner Herzog
Russell Hoban
Fred Hoyle
John H Holland
Michel Houellebecq
Bernard Huevelmans
Liam Hudson
Christopher Isherwood
Denis Johnson
Steve Jones
James Joyce

The rawest item on the shelf has to be Of Walking in Ice. When Herzog discovered that Lotte Eisner was dying in Paris, he decided to walk to her from Munich, “in full faith, believing that she would stay alive if I came on foot”. His shoes fell apart quite soon. This act of commitment has additional resonance if, like me, you are reading David Constantine. But Constantine’s characters aren’t so confrontational, even as they confront the world’s implacability. They are tentative, hurt, rueful, & a kind of pliability or resilience gets them through & allows them to make the discoveries.