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Month: August, 2009

decisive moments

Lucas Green at Porous Borders links Unreal, Municipal Archive & WMC is now here under the rubric “decisive moment literature”. I love this & I think I’d add Tim Etchells.

Reading: Hassan Blasim’s collection, The Madman of Freedom Square. Funny, sad, vicious, excoriating images & narratives of Iraq over the last twenty-odd years, they leave you with nothing to do but look inside yourself for the humanity you know you left there somewhere.

shelf love, k to m

Stuart Kauffman
John Keats
Jack Kerouac
Philip Kerr
Wieslaw Kielar
TE Lawrence (352087 A/c Ross)
John Lehmann
Rosamund Lehmann
Primo Levi
Janna Levin
Claude Levi-Strauss
HP Lovecraft
Robert Macfarlane
Arthur Machen
Henning Mankell
Hilary Mantel
Katherine Mansfield
Christopher Marlowe
Alexander Masters
Nick McDonnell
Carson McCullers
George Melly
Diana Melly
China Mieville
Henry Miller
Nancy Mitford
Caroline Moorehead
Iris Murdoch




If you liked Suzie Templeton’s Peter & the Wolf, you’ll love her grim early piece, Dog.