reaching the dream

by uzwi

Reversing her mother’s trajectory, Roxy Freeman exchanged the gypsy life for a flat in Brighton, where

I can’t see or feel the change from one season to the next, I crave greenery, and I constantly wrestle with the emotion of feeling trapped. I spend half my life opening doors and windows, trying to get rid of the airless, claustrophobic feeling that comes with being inside. I get woken up by bin lorries, the rush-hour traffic and my neighbours shouting, instead of birdsong and the wind in the trees. I can’t sense when it’s going to rain because I can no longer smell it in the air, and when it does rain I can’t hear it landing on the roof.

She lives near the sea, she says, because it gives her a sense of “openness & freedom”, then ends: “it’s easy to feel trapped. But to reach my dream, I have to put down roots.”