in the oaks

by uzwi

As a sort of internalised tribute to Rob Holdstock I ran about among the oaks in Richmond Park in the rain, then dropped down into East Sheen & bought Deakin’s Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees, which I had always meant to read. Watching (last night): Chris Wood’s Handmade Life, at the Union Chapel. I love “The Cottager’s Reply” & “The Grand Correction”, but I’m not so sure about his Darwin song–an inappropriate attempt by the oral-political culture to own (absorb, redefine, defuse) the scientific culture; & not a word about replication, which you would think might especially concern the oral tradition. Copy number variation, the perfect (or imperfect) subject for a folk song about evolution… Enjoying: Manhattan Nocturne, which I seem to have missed when it came out. I like Colin Harrison (no relation). His people are deracinated by aspiration, his upscale New York occupied by dangerously wounded animals who though they understand other people’s appetites, don’t really understand their own. Looking forward to: Like, Ali Smith’s first novel, which I also failed to read at the time. Here’s Smith on the short story: “All good writing is about this economy, edit, rhythm and precision; the short story form demonstrates this to the other literary forms. An end, when it comes, should always send you back to the beginning…”