learning from Ben

by uzwi

Ben’s Simple Blog gets better & better: on injury & recovery, on weather & landscape, on the steady, worthwhile quotidian processes of being alive. It gets better, but stays simple. Ben’s recent encounter with labyrinthitis made me shiver & touch wood: it’s what happened to me, only the vertigo stayed for ten years. I felt invulnerable until life delivered that message. Now I’m scarily aware of the things that could torpedo my plans. I make myself sit down & admit that I’ve already started up old tendon injuries by trying to do too many press ups too soon. Bollocks. At 64 it’s hard to learn not to be me. But I can still jog. Sheffield for a few days tomorrow, from whence I shall trudge around enthusiastically in the sleet. Peat will make a change from the slippery, adhesive stuff in Richmond Park, an inch of leaf mould on clay. Happy New Year everyone.