anyone read the book ?

by uzwi

I see Martin’s latest campaign is going well. Nice of Anna to help by venting in public. I’m sure it’ll move units. But can we agree that the important thing here is to allow everyone involved one of those acting-out opportunities that grow so precious & fleeting with age ?

Reading: Second Nature by Michael Pollan. Pollan, a bland & readable gardener, claims to have found–or at least to be seeking–a “compromise” between managed & unmanaged outdoor space, but guess what, his intent is to defend the gardener’s view of nature (ie, that it’s best not left natural) against the view of the naturalist; his greatest fear is “the evident speed and force and thoroughness” with which the forest can erase “virtually every human mark”; & his best line is “nature abhors a garden”. So no anthropocentric demonisation going on there, then, perish the thought.

Reviewing: Patricia Duncker’s The Strange Case of the Composer & His Judge.