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Month: August, 2010

the mona

Martin Maw sent me this, which I thought I’d share it. Thanx, Martin: a true vision of the Pearlant future.

Reading: Lydia Davis, Collected Short Stories. Re-reading: Paul Bowles in the Penguin Modern Classics re-issue. Reviewing: Walking to Hollywood, Will Self. Listening to: late Robert Plant.


some cheltenham details

Here and here.

hat & cup

the real world

I’m gutted to be missing this.

“Speculative Realism refuses to interrogate reality through human (linguistic, cultural or political) mediations of it, instead drawing upon objective discourses such as mathematics, geology, astrophysics and chemistry to explore the possibility of conceiving of a reality indifferent to humans – a universe that exists before, after, and despite its manifestation in human experience.”