a key event in room 121

by uzwi

Incidences of telekinesis disturb the hotel at night, rearranging small objects, papers, items of clothing. A pair of shoes moves an inch to the left. A cupboard door is rattled so quietly that no one wakes. Bunches of keys, placed on their hooks in Reception in the early evening, are discovered under a breakfast table at eight am. Some objects are moved once, others several times across two or three nights. “An intellectual history founded on anthropocentrism,” writes Alicia Fennec in the Theory Cadre journal, “encourages us to think of telekinesis as caused. In fact these events occur without agency, intent or telos. They are not communications. They do not support a ‘story’.” Tiny changes of air currents are recorded at the base of the kitchen range. A computer, switched off at eleven, is switched on again by seven. A brief flash of light is observed to have occurred in an empty fourth-floor bathroom.

For several weeks, waves of improbability ripple nightly along the corridor outside Room 121 &, meeting the back bar staircase, which seems to act as a barrier, disperse.