frames of reference

by uzwi

9:25pm, I’m watching a TV programme about the Jewish transports. I’m watching trainloads of Jews arriving at Auschwitz, or trainloads of Jews being used as trade goods towards the end of the war. Then I’m watching the ad break. The first ad is for Lloyd’s Bank, with its streamline cartoon train & its slogan, “Lloyds: for the journey.” After that, it’s an ad for Call of Duty: Black Ops. I get up & turn the television off & go to bed. I’m finding it more & more difficult to cope with these kinds of connections & before I fall asleep I wonder if I could find a house somewhere that doesn’t have TV reception or broadband, or perhaps even electricity. You can cook perfectly well with gas, but its biggest advantage is that you’re not tempted to use it to keep in touch with your so-called culture.