per ardua

by uzwi

I enjoyed Roz Kaveny’s excellently funny piece on how sf ratchets up the audience’s boredom by pandering to it; how that creates a tightening feedback cycle of loss; & how, in a kind of compensatory gesture, a hundred years of desensitisation to its own source material has made sf strong & proud. With all her customary slyness Roz points out that, as the emotional returns diminish & the sense of wonder is replaced by the demand for product, sf, like any other kind of porn, becomes a response to the audience challenge, “Make me feel something!” –a combination of boredom & satiation, impatience & despair which, incidentally, dares science to replace science fiction–to take on science fiction’s sensationalist function.

I wonder if it’s going too far, though, to imply that sf fans still have difficulty making a distinction between the real & the imagined as long as the latter is authenticated by being written down repeatedly ? I think that could put some backs up.