pearlant: the failure-of-memory palace

by uzwi

A swimming pool full of code. A vocabulary of interestingly combinable algorithms. A failure-of-memory palace bricolaged together around writers I remember from being very young. The usual combination of playground and fever-hospital. Bad dreams crawl over everything like the images on Emil Bonaventure’s sickroom walls. There is no shelter from the absurd. Some of the characters from the previous two books topple slowly into view, drowning as ever. Anna Kearney, who has spent the last two or three decades “pretending to be an adult”, begs less for redemption than for closure, her generation’s feeble substitute. Ascheman’s ex-assistant, lacking the history to be a feeble substitute for anything, has a journey to make. Some characters who reappear will not be human, or even “alive”. Downward causation. Voices in entangled states. Stars like cheap Christmas toys. The failure of past and future to sit in the accepted relationship with one another. A man walks through solid objects. All this against the background you would expect from Light & Nova Swing. Will there be answers ? What do you think ? (This modified from an interview by Nuno Fonseca, done some time ago, which I don’t know if it’s appeared yet.)