Corelli DeLaMary Linn Gord–

by uzwi

–a Texan writer, finds she has run out of vanished, exotic & geographically distant cultures to loot for the milieux of her immensely successful fantasy novels. She’s bored by the costume museums, post-Steeleye Span folk rock bands & archeological websites devoted to back-engineering weapons through the ages that have previously provided inspiration, colour & filler. She’s bored by the grim daily round of combining non-scientific anthropology & Campbellian myth with freedom motifs to provide uplifting developmental arcs for her characters. She decides instead to actually make something up. The central race–the “Sentienta” as she will call them–of her next novel are to have transparent foreheads, behind which can be seen their pulsating neural tissue & the wispy filaments which connect to eyes like greenish half-billiard balls. It’s very exciting. The human imagination is a truly astonishing thing.