mania & brutal

by uzwi

Lovely images by Tobias Zielony, of Le Vele, Naples, up at Our God is Speed (which I got to via Pere Lebrun).

Putting things down: the crime describing itself as Pearlent unspools, increasingly weird, challenging even, 500 wpd interrupted by periods of mania during which I do a day’s work in an hour & then gabble the whole afternoon about it to C, who looks pained. I can hear myself but I can’t stop. I spent the 1980s in that condition, reaching it without chemical stimulus. No wonder I’m tired.

Reading: Ballard, collected stories; Bolano, Amulet & 2666; Alan Furst, The Foreign Correspondent. Looking forward to The Black Swan, which seems to have everything that interests me including obsession, madness & a woman who thinks she’s growing feathers.