april so obviously the cruellest month

by uzwi

Observed in trees: Parrots. Magpies. Seven waxwings, one fat wood pigeon & that kind of finch-style thing with a lot of yellow & red. The Bicycle Pump Bird*. Blossom, white. A plastic bag, Waitrose. Various items observed on wires & TV aerials, at a distance, aid of binoculars. Became bored & tried to see to end of street. No success. The clematis flowers like stars & angels etc. May take photograph.

*Disordered by the new streetlamps, the Bicycle Pump Bird speaks at night–T2-T2-T2-T2-T–until you are mad & have to block up yr ears. This is some Lovecraftian message you don’t want to hear, but by the time you have heard it it is already too late.