an imaginary review (8)

by uzwi

In American Ruminant, self-replicating machines arrive from the stars. Implacability is their signature characteristic. Their mission: to cannibalise our planet for parts! Life as we know it–the life of well-fed science wonks & policy advisors & their resilient, generally likeable, dependent families–seems doomed. But though the planet dies, home & hearth live on. The author recommends a spirited response to life but demonstrates only repression, invokes the concept of total loss but in the end preserves everything. You could slice big pieces off the ideological carcass of American Ruminant &, like a fortyish academic from a prairie state, it would still walk around, feeding, digesting & congratulating itself on its own gravitas & of the worth of the herbivore life in general. It might stumble occasionally or feel tired; but it would have an explanation for that.