fat chance

by uzwi

From a 2009 post

    I began to feel as if I had learned a lesson (although that isn’t a gentle or subtle enough way of putting it) in a language I didn’t–but might soon–understand. … it had something to do with how you are in the world. How you control, or don’t, its access to you.

The insight turned out to be less in the content (how you are in the world, the world’s access to you) than in the notion that insight can arrive in a language you don’t yet speak. Or did it ? Maybe you need both. Anyway, that was my big idea I was going to take away from 2009 but somehow didn’t; though there are glimpses of it in the new book, in the way some of the characters relate to each other & to their “world”. I got it in Oaxaca, drinking beer on a roof terrace & trying to write with an Eee 700.

Photos Cath Phillips 2009