the e-word in action

by uzwi

Someone arrived here today by typing “Is M John Harrison any good ?” Who knows. But his room is full of moth.

Is that possible here in the future ? Surely that’s a 1950s thing, not a 2011 thing ? Clothes moth ? Will there be clothes moth after the Singularity ? Or only the molecular description of clothes moth ?

Clothes moth infestations are like credit ratings in a neoliberal society. They remind you that a single unnoticed shift of fortune & odd things–irreversible things, frankly unbelievable things–will start to happen to the fabric of your life. They are the e-word in action, the end of the Edwardian Afternoon, the horrid proof that things aren’t so dependable after all.

I mean, can you imagine ? It’s your grandmother who had the recession, not you. But suddenly clothes moth is in everything. It’s nationwide. People are frantically darning their socks again.