heavy underlining

by uzwi

You dream something obvious–a version of “the Tower” which features the fall of a vast building in the Square Mile. This bit of major arcana wakes you up to have a laugh at yourself, but suddenly you start thinking about the piece you’re working on. Before you know it, the light’s on, the walls of the room have a warm yellow cast etc etc, & you’re making notes. The defining characteristic of a note made at night is heavy underlining. If you don’t mark whole paragraphs with wavy lines in another colour, you believe, you will forget their real significance. But perhaps the most important sign that you have successfully reminded yourself of something is that next day, when you look at it, it should make no sense whatsoever. Never switch on the Mac in the night to make a note: by the time it’s woken up you’ve gone back to sleep again. You’ve forgotten who you were, let alone what he was thinking.