bomb culture

by uzwi

This smooth piece of engineering cosplay reminded Rudy Rucker of Coochie Cootie comix. That reminded me of early low rider (bomb) culture; which reminded me in turn how unpredictable the fantasy life is, how flighty & difficult to control. It goes where it will &, by definition, does what it wants. Fantasy fiction, competently produced in its various contemporary generic modes, with proper attention to detail, rationale and self-consistency of the imagined world, damps down any of that kind of nonsense before it can get out of hand. But it bursts out again in the whimsy of cosplay–at the more distant edges of which, at least, can be discerned some sexual and emotional danger, if not the makings of an actual underground comic. A costume, like a low rider, is an object in & of the real world, source & centre of libidinisation; while a fantasy novel is some words on a page.

Fascinated by: Sam Thompson’s Communion Town. Amused by: the term sexposition, a technique parodied in Empty Space but for which, until now, I didn’t have a name.