adventure in the historical times

by uzwi

Configurations of houses & lanes, hedges & trees, off the A something-or-other, way south of Bristol. Fire pours down from heaven. Pylons glimpsed through the violet end of the rainbow–transfigured, delicate, fragile & complex as sea creatures in a bowl of water. Gold light on all trees. Later at “the Excalibur” an exhausted-looking woman with two young children stares out at the strip of sea & sky between the buildings opposite. “Listen to your heart,” the radio advises her. What would she hear if she did ? At the Excalibur you get the Excalibur Tea– pot of tea, ham or cheese sandwich, & “a cake”. So called because you throw it back in the water once you’ve finished with it. Across the room someone says, “Didn’t catch any gales or flooding then ?” & someone else answers, “No, the weather’s been terrible actually.”

While, over at Junk View, Junkview predicts the present.