the boys from earth

by uzwi

One problem for the corporate fixers, failed entradistas & immersion junkies who populate Light, Nova Swing & Empty Space is that they see the universe as the backdrop for their own mystery play, “The Boys from Earth”. But they are not privileged in or by the universe. There is nothing special about their dilemmas, even when those dilemmas stem from brand new knowledge, because it is not “their” knowledge: it is only a description of what was always there. The very feeling that they are special is genetic, molecular biology expressed as a kind of narcissism. So when they confront the Kefahuchi Tract, with its implicit promise that the universe preceded them & will remain after they are gone, their self esteem collapses & they fall back on the inevitable cheap solecism, “If we are not responsible for what goes on in the universe then–since they are clearly a part of that universe–we are not even responsible for our own actions.”