volsie on kidultopia

by uzwi

In kidultopia, Volsie says, the old taboos have no power. Instead, alcoholic three year olds in thirty year old bodies control one another  by use of the wordoids “creepy”, “inappropriate” & “ew”. Embrace yr ew, Volsie says. Live yr creepiness. If to escape mojito kidultopian toddler rhetoric is necessarily to fall foul of mojito kidultopian toddler rhetoric, well a ew’s got to do what a ew’s got to do. But never in any circumstances think of yrself as a vampire, werewolf, “serial killer” or zombie, or any other symbol of threat now annexed, literalised & defused by kidultopian spectacle, because that would be too embarrassing for words. Instead you should think of yrself as inappropriately not nice looking.