publication day

by uzwi

So there you go. It’s publication day. I’m going to stay quietly at home with my own thoughts, taking the dust jacket off one of my remaining hardback copies then putting it back on again, then squaring the volume away neatly on a shelf. Later I might get a Sainsbury’s sandwich & a drink of water. Publication is a weird thing. The madness, terror & hysterical self-harming is over, sure, but by now you’re even more anxious for the confirmation you’ll never get. Publication is always intimately associated with the failure to know whether you made anything or not. The first & the last thing you ask of everybody: Is there a book here at all ? They’ll look at you oddly sometimes when you’ve asked that, because they’ve got it in their hand. Perhaps edge away from you a bit. Anyway, as I say, I thought I’d have a quiet day, so here’s Gus the Fox with some tales of urban nature.