once & for all, Posie

by uzwi

People always draw the same picture to illustrate “a zebra crossing”. They think they found a clever creative ambiguity in the words. It’s easy to deal with the unambiguously ambiguous, the foregrounded ambiguous; it’s the actually ambiguous people have the problem with. If the zebra isn’t flogged after death, they can’t be certain it’s been flogged at all. You could drive a bus through the ambiguities of Henry James, they’re so heavily cued-up. Unsigned ambiguities are less easy to bear & will always be received as failure of technique–that is, the failure to placate the causal anxieties of a broad spread of midwestern filmgoers in 1953. I quite enjoy Michael Bay movies. It’s restful not to have to spot trains. You can eat your Maltesers safe in the knowledge that the timetable’s been ripped up. The only downside is listening to other people whining, “Look, this can’t be the four thirty to Edgbaston. Once & for all, Posie, it’s got the wrong kind of carriages.” Jesus, send a rocket to Mars or something. By the way, make sure you don’t mix up yr inches & centimeters.