unassigned chapter titles

by uzwi

Some notes & unused chapter titles, Empty Space.

Anna stream: Try to get in a restaurant or cafe called “The Old Control Room” (What’s that one in the old power station in Wapping? Ask C.) Not more than 3 chapters prior to the end, or anywhere near the original mention in Assistant C5.

Assistant stream: Police up to their elbows in the heart of a Saudade City Saturday night.

Bring Skull Radio more in line with the baby-appearing-through-the-wall phenomenon.

Nova Swing stream: Neither a follower nor a leader be, Antoyne remembered Liv Hula saying. Irene and Liv, simply by loving him for who he was, had cured him of being in someone else’s entourage forever.

A ship is “New Venusport-owned, operated by a Denebian shipping company and flagged out of Motel Splendido”, but with different planets, not this tired old bunch. “New Venusberg” for “New Venusport”?

Chapter titles unassigned so far: A Brief Panorama of the Galaxy; Strong Waves Heat the Medium; The Wing from Nowhere; Light Emitting Proteins; Thin Client; Walking Through Walls; Contact Front; Sterile Neutrinos; Aerogel.