the entertainer

by uzwi

I talk quite chirpily to Jonathan Strahan & Gary K Wolfe in Episode 147 of the Coode Street Podcast. Various ground is covered, some of it real, most of it less so; also tantalising reference to enigmas like Empty Space, Climbers and “Cave & Julia” (all three of which are drawing mixed & sometimes comical responses at Amazon: go there, have a laugh, but most importantly, buy something). In similar news, I’ll be reading and talking at Lancaster Literary Festival on either the 16th or 17th of October; and at a warm-up event for the Conference on Weird Fiction at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury on 7th November. Details to follow. (Anyone who’d like to pay me to read in similar circumstances, or who’d simply prefer to give me this modified Buell S1 motorcycle so I can keep it in my lounge & worship it as Art, should leave a message below or tweet me @mjohnharrison.)