zombies are coming for you

by uzwi

You can hate them without feeling wrong. You can kill them like eating sweets. Then you’re hungry again & you can kill more. They’re fully dehumanised. There’s no off-season, no moral limitation. They’re the enemy. What’s not to love? They’re what we really want. The zombie is the ultimate other in a neoliberal society. They’re a rhetoric we all can use. Zombies aren’t just for the insane Right, or for adolescent boys. They’re for everyone. People who lean Left–who consider themselves adult & multicultural & would never be caught othering–will happily slaughter zombies. Zombies are the ultimate other: the act of othering they represent doesn’t just remain unsaid (as it would with the Right): it remains unthought. The ultimate in deniability. Zombies: motiveless, other, but without any traceable connection to a group in the real world, they will never embarrass you by revealing their humanity. To position themselves as killable, they don’t even have to parrot the twaddle of “evil”. They’re the pinnacle of Hollywood characterisation, actant & action as a single unit. Deeper down, they allow you to refuse rational motivation to your victim, while encouraging you to claim victimhood for yourself. I’m surprised it took so long to make something like World War Z.