“there’s something wrong with almost everything”

by uzwi

Intrusions: 10th — 29th June 2014 will celebrate the life of Robert Aickman.

The exhibition features work by contemporary printmakers–Paula Rego, Anna Maria Pacheco, Dolores deSade, Johanna Love, Marcelle Hanselaar, Oona Grimes, Tassie Russell–who, like Aickman, interpenetrate the uncanny and the mundane, less opposing them than encouraging them to interrogate one another.

The exhibition is accompanied by talks, performances and events, and there is a ‘100th birthday’ celebration on the afternoon of 28th June, as part of which I’ll be reading a short story, “Entertaining Angels Unawares”.

“Although there’s no charge for anything,” says Chris Maloney of Printroom, “we’re booking the places for 28th June to manage numbers, seats and catering. The programme is 2-6pm talks and readings, 6-8pm (or later) food drink and conversation. In the spirit of a private party, it’s ‘Bring a Bottle’.”