best sf/f of the year

by uzwi

the_best_science_fiction_and_fantasy_of_the_year_volume_eight_250x384That whole year, and to a lesser extent the year after, bodies were washed up all along that part of the coast, some whole, some in pieces … In the south of Autotelia, especially, it was a bad year for bodies; but the body of the vanished brother didn’t show up among them. Passive and silent, full of some incommunicable anger, the sister attempted suicide, spent time in institutions; then, her work suddenly becoming popular, left the country for a new life on our side of things.

Jonathan Strahan’s The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year is a different kettle of fish to the SALT Best British Short Stories (see yesterday’s post), with equally powerful work by–among many others–Madeline Ashby, Caitlin Kiernan, Ian MacDonald & Adam Roberts. “Cave & Julia” is my contribution. If you haven’t read the story yet, or you’d just like a print copy, this is the place to go.

‘M. John Harrison — one of Britain’s premier writers of any sort — is represented by the haunting and beautiful “Cave and Julia.”‘ –Chicago Tribune.