Intrusions on YouTube

by uzwi

The whole of Intrusions, the one-day tribute to Robert Aickman, is now uploaded to YouTube in five segments. John Ballat reads the deeply weird “The Inner Room”, Ray Russel talks about publishing Aickman, and there’s a discussion about the aims & methods of what Aickman called “the strange story”. In Segment 5 I read “Entertaining Angels Unawares”, a strange story which will appear in my new collection, and which begins, “I got two or three weeks’ work with a firm that specialised in high and difficult access jobs in and around Halifax. They needed a labourer, someone to fetch and carry, clean the site up behind them. The job was on the tower of a church about thirty miles northeast of the town. I wasn’t sure what I thought about that. I wondered what I’d say to the vicar if he ever appeared, but he never did.” You might well think, it suddenly occurs to me, that the narrator is wrong about that.

The subsequent question & answer period illustrates one of the things I was trying to suggest in Climbers, which is that fiction’s closest relative is the pub anecdote.