by uzwi

Trying to read a report on Mars geology while someone listens to weird, honking football commentary in another room. Yada dawah yadda-yadda DI DAH. O Da Da DAH! (Di yadda di dah dah dah.) “This MAHLI image, taken of a shadowed spot on the outcrop, shows that Bardin Bluffs is a pebbly sandstone.” Its DAH its DAH its DAH. “It is gravel-rich, with a sandy matrix and granule- to pebble-sized clasts that are subrounded to rounded in shape.” Di yadda. O WOR WAR, di YAD! [ar for di yad der o no]. “The way that the grains touch each other indicates they were deposited by water.” o gor DI YA! Grains are lumpy and pock-marked, indicating that they collided with each other as they were being transported.” Rhetorics of terror and wonder. Something wonderful, something witheld. Something important and valuable. Puzzles of considerable interest & indeed some small excitement.

All quotes from Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society blog.