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The new collection: just a thousand words to lay in on The Last Viriconium Story, some cleaning up (I seem to have called a lot of male characters Tim in the last few years), then that’s it. Thanks to everyone who suggested Ambiente Hotel flash fictions for inclusion: so far the hardest part has been weaving them through the longer stories. Most popular, here & IRL, were The Web, Rockets of the Western Suburbs, Earth Advengers & Explaining the Undiscovered Continent.

living in the future

There are futures everywhere. They’re at street corners. They’re waiting between the buildings of an old-fashioned industrial estate, the architecture of which hasn’t changed since the 50s. Or they’re waiting for a train in the middle of the day, in the empty middle of an afternoon, for something important to them but invisible to you. They’re in the provinces. They have a provincial nature, which is also invisible to you. They’re ordinary and self-similar. They’re not transparent. They have clothes, children, a job, or no job. They have ambitions. They’re a gesture, a posture, an item of baggage.