further dialogue of the clergy

by uzwi

“One evening towards the end of April I found myself staring out of a shop window at a man parking his car in the darkening street.”

“–but our generation slipped voluntarily into a kind of mediocrity the young cannot imagine, an acceptance that nothing more is possible; that energy is low and must be husbanded; that life is linear, thin, one-dimensional–”

“He reversed jerkily, lurched impatiently to a stop. He pulled some boxes out of the back seat and shoved them into the front.”

“–and self-circumscribed.”

“All his movements were abrupt and irritable. He got out of the car and got back into it again.”

“All of life, I sometimes think, has been a way of deciding the difference between what we do and some ritual young women perform at the same hour every Wednesday.”

“It was after seven when I turned away from the window, and the shop was beginning to empty. Did I finish telling you about Margaret?”

“No, I don’t think you did.”

“Look how light it is out there. February already! Such a pleasure to travel while there’s still light!”