being the money

by uzwi

Money men. They took a decision early to be in money. They saw what it could do for them. Of equal importance, they saw the beauty of it. They saw the interest of it. It captured their interest. They didn’t get the way they are today without thinking about money. If they make anything, it’s money. Even if they make a product, that’s so they can make money. But they prefer the pure quill–money that makes money. Retail financial product. It captures their heart. They’re unembarrassed by their love of it. They thought about it, and they think about it, day after day after day, every hour, minute & second. They love it. It fascinates them. The rawness of the money idea, the utterly rational rawness & purity of the algorithms of the retail financial project. The way the figures add up. That love affair, that passion, that obsession has taught them a lot. Mainly, it taught them how to make money out of other people. You. As a result, it’s possible that while they now have a lot of money, you don’t have so much. It’s possible that, while they have everything they need in the way of money (indeed perhaps even a little more than they need), you don’t have enough money, even to live at the level not very much money permits. Is that their fault? It is not. But perhaps you need help with that. Unless they make their money selling the payday loans kind of financial retail product, you aren’t going to get any of their money. But maybe you could use some advice. So they make money making a TV programme called something like “How to Save £1000” and it shows you how, if you really concentrate and buy really cheap stuff and always look for the best deals, and pore over utilities contracts and phone contracts, and shop around, and cultivate your money skills–because that’s how they did it and all this is really quite exciting, really quite absorbing stuff–you can get something back from them. All it requires is that you think about money. All it requires is that you be aware, that you visualise every transaction in your life as a money transaction, all it requires is that you care about money and think about money and ascribe everything that happens in your world to the action of money. All it requires is that you accept that picture of the world, that way of describing the world, that…well, that ideology, I suppose, and live by it day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after. After all, that’s all it requires. All it requires is that you become like them. Exactly like them. Someone whose every action is utterly rational, utterly obsessed. Once you’ve done that, they’ve not only got all the money, they’ve sold you their idea too.