today’s plot

by uzwi

Me & my friends are right-thinking & cool & therefore the way will be smoothed & no struggle will really be a struggle. Vast risks, energies & hierarachies will be referred to, but we will be ok. Something may happen here, something may happen there, but we’ll rise above that & so–though the text signs it as both, & though we might once or twice put our fists to our hips in exasperation–it will never really get difficult or frightening. Powerful forces will be gaming us but we will be gaming them too because we are smart. It will be as if the actions we carry out don’t need to be carried out or have already been successfully carried out. It will be as if we’ve been thought forward. It will even seem as if the universe has said: Look, we all know what this is about and we all know what that is about, because we have the right attitudes, & so let’s move you on to the proper conclusion.