by uzwi

“Who has time for a shower?” the Guardian asks today: “How busy people get ready.” One celebrity lays the breakfast table before bed; another seems to “slip on her children’s tracksuit bottoms”, which to be honest seems ambiguous if you only read the lede. But what is the secret of a good morning routine? Well, ask the people who live in Tadcaster or Glenridding and they might say: “To not be flooded & have a sewage tidemark in your house.” Nothing illustrates the middle class entitlement to safety–or the idea that built environment sustained by an ideology can supply it–better than a lifestyle article. Will people get this at last? No. And it’s a bit late to get it now anyway; my sympathies go to those who got it fifty years ago and wore themselves threadbare trying to be heard. Might as well just have popped the bubble up around them and got on with consuming their lives like everyone else, because nothing except a proper old fashioned disaster was, or is, going to change the outcome. Meanwhile–aside from the lifestyle game, in which everyone’s just so busy they can’t be expected to take anything else in–they’re all queueing to get their slice, score their points, lay the blame, act out their ideological position for the public: the politicians, the army, the religions, the media. Have I missed anyone?