“the heart exceeds the heart”

by uzwi

Simon Limbau is full of youth, energy, warmth. He’s a surfer. Like many boys of his age he tries to seem uncommitted about everything else–later, when his parents, Marianne and Sean, are asked to describe him, they’ll conclude that he was like a cat, “egotistical and light on his feet”. We see him get up early one winter morning to go surfing with his friends. We see them ride the wave, “this torsion of matter where the inside proves itself to be more vast and more profound than the outside”. On the way home, though, their smelly, “sand-granulated” van goes off the road, Simon goes through the windscreen, and by the time he arrives at the hospital– “Male, six feet, 154 pounds, about twenty years old, car accident, head trauma, in a coma” –his brain is dead. But his good sound heart is still beating, and thereafter the story is told as the heart’s journey, from the viewpoints of the people who process it…

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