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gifco is here

by uzwi

Those who have failed to regulate the self. Those whose behaviours enact a medicating fiction. Those who flew to the Canary Islands on a cheap ticket in December 1991 & left the remains of their personality in the apartment hotel. Those who ran from everything in a zig-zag pattern, so fast they never found the transitional object. The unsoothed. The dysmorphic. The unconditional. Those who were naive enough to take what they needed & thus never got what they wanted & whose dreams are now severe. Those who were amazed by their own hand. The confused. The pliable. Those who look at the sea & immediately suffer a grief unconstrained but inarticulable. Gifco is coming. Gifco you are always with us. Gifco we are here!

Photo: the other Nick Royle.

Originally published here in 2012 as “those who know gifco”


3 Comments to “gifco is here”

  1. Daniel Goodwin says:

    Gifco is one of your most disturbing and nonsensical stories. For all that it make sense. It hurts to remember it. I pass Peckham Rye often. You found something there. Betrayed it. Failed it. But it’s there.

  2. martm says:

    “Those are someone’s things … We’ll be next. Don’t worry about that. They’ll be throwing us in the back of a van next.”

    Made to be discontinued.

  3. Greg says:

    Gifco has always been one of my favorite of your stories. I’ve never known why, and still don’t, but it still is.