a grand design

by uzwi

Adulthood in this class defines as the state in which you are able to commission a proxy to research and buy the lifestyle product you want to own–let’s say it’s a vehicle, let’s say it’s an uprange midsize SUV–at the best price. Then you show it off to people you’ve only just met, as if they are going to buy it. You show them round your new product as if it’s a home. This is a complex gesture. It doesn’t stem from pride of ownership, nor is it a boast about status (both by now rather old-fashioned social drivers). It isn’t even a way in which to demonstrate your acumen in choosing and securing this item of lifestyle outlay. It is all about your ability to hire someone else’s acumen. Your own skills are thus shown to be essentially managerial. You didn’t so much source the product as manage the project that sourced it. As for money, well that’s a matter not of being able to afford the product but of being able to afford the help in choosing it. (“The agent,” you say. “Our agent.”) More important, it enables you to laugh and self-deprecate: you would have chosen and bought your own car, like any normal person: but you are too time poor.