monologue overheard in a heritage attraction tea room on a wet day

by uzwi

“The rich always knew–It was “Plan AGW from Money Space” –Elegant from the beginning–Rinse everyone in the greatest act of disaster capitalism anyone will ever pull off then retire to the safe room to count the jars of urine & toenail clippings–Their crispered fifty year old kids get more surgery & plot to replace them because they have the best hair–It’s the perfecto scam–It’s an act of the global imagination–Twelve pharoahs & their attendants convert an entire population into personal survival after death, the telepathic star drive–A new generation of 4000 horsepower golf carts–They enslaved a planet with the promise of luxe goods–Drug W–Drug B, the Disappearing Dust–Summer fires eliminate the labour force even as they complete the giant pyramid–Deserts of powdered bone–This is efficiency–This is immortality–This is the topping out ceremony–You couldn’t make it up.”