google space

by uzwi

that edgeland of rundown ads failed cons old traps decaying sites drifting wrecks & Stahlenhag effects in which it’s now impossible to find anything without already knowing exactly where to look/only ever some carefully drawn teenager fantasy imitation of it as a gun/to which the only index can ever be “Deleted Wiki Titles” & “Seven New Made Up US Weapons the Russians Are Justly Frightened Of” with barely lisible invitations to download/so human/& which is now the only true Zone remaining/spoliated landscape combined from all interior worlds rutting away at the middle of things you can’t access this by explanation every attempt only adds to the mass/turn off the electric try to do something outside discourse like give someone say an iced gem or other biscuit which will fail because everything is information and an algorithm and connected and language but at least you feel you tried or anyway tired