imaginary review x

by uzwi

The effects the author got are an accidental by-product of doing things the wrong way, here are some people who did it properly/first. Later, in addition to the term “surrealism” we will be abusing the terms “modernism” and “postmodernism” because we haven’t a clue; and if the author has ever mentioned reading another author we will be claiming to detect the influence of that author here, along with the influence of anyone who has ever done anything that, from our severely limited reading, resembles–even in the most superficial way and whenever they did it–the thing we think the author did. By the way, no real person with agency would behave the way this author’s characters do, because (a) mobile phone! or (b) advanced AI or another invention that isn’t real but has been in science fiction a lot and anyway it is not clever, positive or even nice.