what you threw overboard

by uzwi

While you invent the book, the book reinvents you. Your life doesn’t appear to have changed, but the book is telling you it has. The book is a way of acknowledging more than one thing you already knew. Now you come to think of it, life’s been weird since you finished the last one. You couldn’t settle. You felt belittled, especially in your dreams: that’s always a conversation with the writer down inside. That thing inside knows more than you do. It catches on faster. It’s come to some understanding, it’s made some decision. Look around, there’s plenty of yourself you don’t intend to lose. But bridges are going to be burned. Not, perhaps, in one of those scary one hundred percent conflagrations of the past; but something’s got to go. Indeed, something’s already gone. Now you’re going to find out what. That’s what a book is for, finding out who you are this time.