no news is good news

by uzwi

Just to reassure people: there is a new novel & it will be published through the typical channels at some point. Other stuff: I’m still working on collaborative projects. News if & when something emerges into the grey light of day etc etc. The disorienting science fiction novel I began in 2013 is still writhing in & out of existence like one of the monsters in “The Crisis”. There are also short ghost stories in various stages of completion, set in the world as-is & with the ghost hidden in the ambient fabric. This is the direction the fiction is going in at the moment, so if you want Light-style bizarro (or its default opposite, Just A Really Wonderful Empathic Story) I’m not your man. Oh, & I have a very short, very distributed item called “Colonising the Future” coming out in the second issue of VISIONS.