the early days of a better catastrophe

by uzwi

Notes: (1) Territoriality returns as conflicts of usage in middle-class shared space, including intergenerational usage. (2) Hardening of usage-group loyalties, hyped emotional, cultural positioning & claims that a personal intepretation of the protocols is not an interpretation but the “real meaning”. (3) Owning the space by emotional labelling. “I so love our wonderful NHS now” “My entitlement is clearly greater than yours on the following common sense grounds–” “Will no one think of the children” “Will no one think of the future” etc. (4) Localism, testing of boundaries, literal redrawing of boundaries via home-made signage; all kinds of stealthy [re]capture of small-scale administrative divisions, up to & inc police. (5) Precedence of use decided by ghost-privilege still faintly visible through florid, heavily performed new styles of behaviour. (6) Who ousts or imprisons you, enlists or enslaves you–who eventually throws you to the dogs or feeds you to their children—will not be interesting or enlightening, just completely predictable. (7) Observe instances from everywhere you look, not from JG Ballard novels. (8) Don’t refer to available sci-fi imagery, or to the imagery of any genre of entertainment media.

NB: Hierarchies of groups more interesting than hierarchies within groups.