the new PPE

by uzwi

Every time I read something like this or this, I get the feeling of a country desperately trying to wake itself up and failing.

Also the feeling of a government to which governance is still a matter of being able to find the point of reasonable media deniability–the acceptable bad-faith excuse for a certain allowable incompetence–while you push on with your ideological ambitions.

Ironically, now that it’s actually all about getting something done, this administration is seen to be the living fossil of an era when running the infrastructure was a small uninteresting aspect of politics. This is inappropriate in the situation.

Certainly they’re corrupt, certainly their ideology is rubbish, certainly their ties to billionaire capital, fascism and the Gibsonian klept are scary: but the main, the intense, quotidian problem with them has always been their privileged impracticality and their dozy lack of engagement; the basically narcissistic assumption that you can always charm other people into achieving your goals for you.

Corona may have massive consequences in politics, philsophy & economics but it is not in itself political, philosophical or economical, in origin or nature. We’re in a different regime, with a different episteme. We need a different kind of PPE.

I can’t understand why the opposition is collaborating with this failed administration and the inappropriate concept of government it’s based on. Perhaps they’re paralysed like the rest of us by Stockholm syndrome. The thing is, out in the body of the population we have a genuine excuse for paralysis and confusion. We’re just ordinary people: they claimed to be able to run a country. Administration or opposition, they stepped up and got themselves elected. Now let’s see them do the job they claimed to be fit for.

You can’t do medicine by patiently repeating that the foundational assumptions of your ideology precede and control the existential nature of the crisis. That’s a failure to act in the correct regime. To do medicine, you do medicine. One of the absolutely basic jobs of an administration is to enable medicine to do medicine. What good is it otherwise.