disintegrating lands

by uzwi

Making a playlist for The Sunken Land Begins To Rise Again. Some of the tunes will be ones I listened to while writing. Others will be moods applied by hindsight, that best of sights. So far I have: The Disintegration Loops, which should phase in & out, especially during landscape & travel scenes, and never really die away even when something else is playing. Couperin’s The Mysterious Barricades. Random soundtrack items from Night Moves (dir Penn, 1975), not necessarily musical. Nico’s stupendous Janitor of Lunacy which is Our Hero’s favourite song. Iggy Pop, The Endless Sea. Brian Eno, Another Green World (track). Keely Forsyth, Start Again. Lankum, The Old Man from Over the Sea. The Caretaker, An Empty Bliss Beyond This World—especially in scenes with Shaw’s mother. More later. I wonder if anyone ever listens to these lists while they read the book? Anyone here use the one I made in–what? 2007?–for Nova Swing?