by uzwi

I’ve put up a page for the new novel. It’s a placeholder at the moment, but I’ll add to it as things go along.

Meanwhile I’ve moved on, as you do, finishing two new items: a 4000 word ghost story begun in a south coast holiday cottage in, I think, 2006; and a shorter item, centred round the Palinurus & catabasis fixations familiar to users of this blog, which will be available soon alongside work by authors very much more interesting than me. But for those who equate writing only with its equivalent of power-lifting, the sci fi novel, I’m back at work on a weird post-disaster*, also begun long ago in 2008. Probably the last of the projects interrupted by Empty Space. What any of this means given the times in which we live, I don’t know. But you do what you do, until you’ve changed enough to start doing something else.

*I should stop using the qualifier “weird” because I’m bored with it now that it means anything anyone wants it to. “Wrenched” might be better. A disaster that’s been wrenched & crumpled up, then smoothed out again, then torn up, then reassembled, again & again. Like a bit of paper someone didn’t want to see.