the core of the heart

by uzwi

This podcast returned the whole 1980s to me, in one vast rush, by being the response I would have wanted then. The best thing in the world is to be working into your internal oppositions. Although not as a conscious “dialogue”. Perish that thought. I’m still happy to define both immanence & transcendence as properties of the continual emergence of the whole from relations at a “deeper” level. But if it’s the universe, it’s the universe. It’s always already the quotidian. Anything else is a beautiful metaphor you fall in love with. The paradox of emergent behaviour is that at a given level the thing is always the thing. To have relations & thus generate the next level, things don’t need to be conscious, only to do what they do. As a result, a liver cell is never going to “know” the next level up, let alone take part in the celebration of liverness. If the universe is emergent, it doesn’t have to know what it is, and only the anthropocentric subjectivity–essentially linguistic–can produce the illusion that it does, or that it can be viewed from that illusory standpoint. The thing is always the thing: you can only deny that by imagining yourself viewing it from the temporary grammatical platform of the “next level up” or down. It’s language that enables that position to be taken, that enables you to become one of the “beautiful swimmers” of The Course of the Heart… Coincidentally–or perhaps not, in this case–a novel is a linguistic object.